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Summer Community News

The summer newsletter covers updates on Peace Creek,   Board Nominations and By-Laws.   Please review attahed.


Posted July 2013

Pearce Creek Questionaire

For our residents who are interested in completing the questionaire,  the document is attached.  Please return to the US Army Corps of Engineers and they will evaluate water quality concerns.  A  Community Open House even is scheduled  for May 18th  from 1-3PM on the corner of Pond Neck Road and South Drive.  Professionals will be there to expain he operation of the dredged material site and the effects the site has had on local groundwater.

  Pearce Creek Questionaire

Posted May 2013

Posted April 2013

Important Meeting on Pearce Creek Planned Dredging Scheduled for March 16th

All West View Shores residents are encouraged to attend this important meeting scheduled for Saturday, March 16th at 9:00AM, at the Bohemia High School.  The Army Corps of Engineers and representatives of the USGS and Port of Baltimore will address your questions related to the Pearce Creek  planned dredging operations in the Elk River and the Upper Bay.   

The full report has been posted on this website.  You can review the February WVS Newsletter for a brief overview by clicking on the link below:

WVSCA Newsletter Pearce Creek

Posted February 2013

Pearce Creek Report

To  review the report on Pearce Creek study, click on the link below.  The report was prepared in cooperation with the U.S. Army Corpos of Engineers.  It covers the “Hydrogeologic Framework, Hydrology and Water Quality in the Pearce Creek Dredge Material Containment Area and Vicinity, Cecil County, Maryland. “

Posted January 2013

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