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2013/2014 Nominations & Annual Meeting

2012 PROXY Letters

Annual proxy vote cards to be returned no later than August 31, 2012 in mail or dropped in ballot box by 9AM, Saturday, September 1st, 2012. 

Board Nominations

Nomination committee recommendations and alternative nominations to be considered.


Proposed Budget for 2013  expenses.

Posted August 2012

Pearce Creek Reports

Officials from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers indicated they are considering depositing dredge spoils at the abandoned sand and gravel pit near Earleville. Pearce Creek next to West View Shores community.  This site has been closed to dredge deposits since 1992.  According  to the corps’ district office in Philadelphia. the dredge spoils would come from a shipping channel between the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal and the Port of Baltimore, according to army corps project manager Timothy J. Rooney.  See Cecil Wig article link for full article.

It is important that West View Shores residents be fully informed and understand the process underway and  impact to community.  The attached documents provide the background.  As more information is released it will be posted on the website and shared at upcoming community meetings

1991-1994 WVS Well Data

1994 EPA vs Pearce Creek Drinking Water Standards

U.S. Army Corps Groundwater Study – 1995

USGS Report Status – July 2012

Army Corps Seeks to Reopen County Dredge Spoils Site

Summary of DMMP Executive Comm Mtg 5-27-10

Posted July 2012


WVSCA community letter re bylaws

The  proposed new by-laws for the community of West View Shores and for the West View Shores Civic Association are attached.  All homeowners in West View Shores are stakeholders.  The by-laws are being mailed and an informational meeting will be scheduled  in early August.

West View Shores Civic Association is a stockholding corporation and as such must follow Maryland corporate law. The current by-laws do not comply with Maryland law and must be changed. Following the resolution of the lawsuit which finalized that the merger of the environmental association and the Civic Association (CA) had occurred, the  CA Board of Directors, under MD corporate law could have simply made the changes to the bylaws and informed the community. However the Board decided that open communication and decision making would make our community stronger. Therefore, the community will be asked to vote to approve the proposed by-laws.  The major changes are outlined below:

  • Classes of Stockholders: Two classes of stockholders are listed—Class A which are those property owners who purchased shares in what is commonly called the environmental area and the roads; Class B which is a “limited voting” stock. This is being done to provide those who have not wished to purchase a stock share in the past but have paid their “dues,” served as officers and directors, and otherwise fully participated in the community efforts. Class B shares are being offered to any property owner who wishes to participate fully by voting on matters affecting the community except for any vote dealing with disposition of the real property of the community (roads and open space). Class A shareholders may vote on all matters including the disposition of real property since they have invested in those assets.
  •  Assets of The Community:  Real Property assets are defined as the roads and the right of way thereto, the “basin area” open space and the small parcel between Bay View Estates and Lot #30. Regular assets are the bank accounts, the community lot and building, equipment.
  • Assessments:  As a stock corporation the Civic Association will no longer be collecting what were previously called “dues.” The Civic Association as the entity owning the roadways and open space as well as the community building and equipment has the right and authority to collect a per property amount of money from each property owner as their fair share to pay for maintenance, upkeep, and improvement of the community. This is not a voluntary contribution, but rather an assessment which can be enforced if necessary.
  • Nomination Committee:  The nominating committee is proposed to be eliminated. It is proposed that all candidates either submit in writing their intention to seek office or be nominated from the floor at the Annual Meeting. The Board will no longer be offering a slate for approval.
  • Quorum:  The definition of a quorum has been further defined (Article IV, Section 5).
  • Share Transfer: The procedure for transfer of Class A shares and the selling of Class A shares back to the community is further defined in Article VII, Section 3.
  • Community Meetings:  The date for the Spring meeting and the annual meeting is proposed to be changed to the week before Memorial Day and Labor day weekends. Many residents have expressed a desire to have this changed due to family and friends being in town for holiday weekends.
  • Community Property:  A new section has been added regarding the use of community property for private use. The individual property owner or group of property owners requesting such use must provide the community with adequate insurance and hold harmless agreements as are reasonable. Property owner(s) making such a request must be current on their annual assessments.

Your Board has spent many hours reviewing and consulting on the proposal before you. What we have tried to accomplish is to bring us into compliance with Maryland law as a stock corporation but continue to allow us to operate much like we have done for the last 25 or more years. Your involvement with this matter is critical.  Please review these carefully and attend the informational meetings to discuss your concerns and ideas. 


WVSCA Approved By Laws 2009

Posted July 2012

Court of Special Appeals Opinion – April 20, 2012

Newsletter April 2012

The Maryland Court of Speial Appeals has denied the lawsuit brought against the WVS Civic Association which means that the Cecil County Circuit Court decision of June 2010 has been affirmed.  The details are outline in the court’s opinion and includes the following points:

  • The exchange of shares from EPA to the CA confirmed the merger (1987).
  • The actions of the shareholders post merger showed no opposition to the merger.
  • The easement in 2000 in the name of the Civic Association confirmed Civic Association ownership of the roads with no shareholder opposition.
  • The revetment process was completed in the name of the Civic Association without shareholder opposition.
  • The attestation clause of the merger document.  Court of Special Appeals Opinion

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